Let's say that you have a bunch of API endpoints that you are currently managing, such as a large collection of micro services. Maybe at some point, you would like to have a little bit more control over the requests that are routed towards your services but you really don't want to manage separately for every single micro service. This is where an API gateway could come in.

The goal of an API gateway is to provide an intermediate layer between the clients and your micro services. By introducing an API gateway, clients send their requests to the gateway which…

Rise and shine 🌅

As we leave the dark days of winter, we can now start looking forward towards a new vine growing season, yay 🥳. When temperatures start to rise and our sunglasses are coming out, the vines also start waking up from their winter dormancy. That makes it the ideal time to dig a little deeper into the workings of the vine and its “morning” routines after the winter period.

Vine juices start flowing as last year’s prune wounds start to bleed

If you were like me, one of the last things we did before the winter period was pruning the vines, making ready for one of the hardest seasons — winter 🥶! Well…

Winter is coming… ⛄️

As the first chills cast over the vines, we witness the winter transformation of the vineyard. The leaves, that have been working all throughout the spring, summer and fall converting sunlight into delicious nutrition for the vine and grapes, start to fall. Now that most of the vine activity has stopped and all the glory of the vine has transformed into a skeleton of wood, it is time to start preparing the vineyard for the next growing season.

One of the major activities during this time of the year involves pruning the vines. This means that we need to remove…

Bram Janssen

An IT architect with a very big interest in technology. In my spare time I am indulging myself into the world of viti- and viniculture

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